Sopio is a card game created by Alex Day and Danny Hooper, launched in March of 2011 and promoted through YouTube and social media. Since that launch Sopio has grown from a single deck to 7 decks, 8 boosters, wristbands and much more. Each deck has a unique focus in its playing style.

It only takes one deck to play Sopio with others.

Here are The Rules:

·To win: get to 1000 points!

·During your turn: draw from the deck until your hand has five cards. Then play ONE card on any player – you or someone else.

·If a card is played on you: points cards go in your personal points pile to keep score. If the card has other instructions, do what they say. Cards without points go in a central discard pile once played.

·If the deck runs out of cards, keep playing until all hands are empty and the player with the most points wins.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to share your custom Sopio card designs, send an email to sopio2010@gmail.com

All Sopio images, names, logos, etc are copyrighted to Danny Hooper and Alex Day