Sopio is a points based Card Game designed by Danny Hooper and Alex Day that uses puns, stick-men and silliness to engage players and make a competitive and fun experience. Sopio has a variety of decks, booster packs and bundles to suit every level of gamer as well as a range of posters, t-shirts and wristbands available on the store page.
We are looking to expand Sopio into stores over the next year as well as working on new decks and booster packs. If you are interested in stocking Sopio you can contact us on and we can send you our trade pricelist.
~ Danny
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Hello Sopiets,

Check out our store page for our AMAZING new Box set on our store page. It is an incredible present. You can give it to your friends with an Xmas card too if you like 😉


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Events and News!

Hello Sopiets!

We just want just to use this post to give to you a bunch of news you have probably heard elsewhere already 🙂

First up, we have remanufactured our wristbands. Instead of being printed we have finally found a company who were able to deboss and fill them – no more fading! They are available now

These wristbands will also be available at the two events Sopio are attending in the next few months. First off is London MCM Expo – Sopio will have a booth all 3 days where you can come along, buy stuff, show us your custom Sopio cards or just give us a wave!

Secondly we will be throwing a TOURNAMENT on the 20th of July! This tournament is for the launch of Deck 5 and the venue is amazing. Tickets are £5 and available here (along with other information) – part of the ticket price goes to Southend YMCA 🙂

Hope to see you all there!


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Egg Booster

Hello Sopiets!

Easter is over and while that means you should probably put the chocolate down (in a bit) it also means we to cracked open our vault of goodies and showered you with our brand new booster!

The Egg Booster is a fantastic way to enjoy the season without getting fat. Or even better, if you master it’s amazing effects you can win all the chocolate off your friends!

The item is available to buy now so click the link or head over to our store page for more Sopioness! You can also order it with Deck 4 for more eggciting action.


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Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday to us!

Sopio turns 2 on the 26th, we are very happy about this, so happy, we are giving away some prizes!

There are 3 on offer; the first one is the Sopio Gift Bundle (all 4 decks, 6 boosters + a wristband TWO unreleased boosters and a pair of signed cards from Alex and Danny

To have a chance of winning this prize all you have to do is buy anything from our store page before the end of saturday 2nd. You will be entered into a draw and we will pick a winner at the start of next week.

The two other prizes are both two signed posters and a Deck of your choice.

To win these prizes all you have to do is either tweet #Sopio or go to the the Sopio facebook page and like/comment on the status about prizes – both before the end of saturday. You will be entered into a draw (one for twitter, one for facebook) and we will again pick winners at the start of next week.

 Good luck, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US 😀

~Danny & Alex

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Two Year Sale

It makes it sound like our sale will last for 2 years doesn’t it? It won’t, but it will last all of february!

Decks and Bundles are all down in price, which is great, and more stuff will be announced as the month rolls on towards our 2 year anniversary!


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Xmas Time

Its (almost) that time of the year again!

This year, Sopio has decided to launch a Sopio greeting card. Partly because it means you can give all your Sopio loving friends a great card for christmas, and partly because it amuses us that it is a literal Sopio card!

The card is on sale for £2 – or 5 for £7 – and looks great as you can see below!


We have released this card early so you can make sure to get it in time and will be updating this post with ‘last delivery dates’ as we approach christmas so keep an eye if you plan to cut it fine buying the special person in your life the Gift set 🙂


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