Happy Birthday!

Sopio is a year old 😀

What a great way to start a blog post! Man, 1 whole year of Sopio in our lives. Words cannot describe how great this makes us feel. We need to celebrate, and not just with Cakeio.

Let’s start with T-Shirts. We not only have launched Silly Cone Valley and Ninjabread Men shirts, but we have PERMANENTLY reduced the price of all shirts to £12.

The discount doesn’t end there either. Until the end of February we are knocking 10% of the price of ALL bundles, which is a bargain, and also 10% off the Wristband. There is literally no better time to buy you and your friends Sopio cards.

Finally, and probably the most exciting for us, is launching this poster. Featuring the Tiny Magician fighting the Clowndragon. It is truly epic and we are so happy with it. This is our birthday present to you all.

So, thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey over the last year and also to the people who are joining us just now. Happy Sopio Birthday – a year since this!

You are all amazing

Alex & Danny

Also – the Sopio ‘warehouse’ is moving over the next few days, so there may be a slight delay in posting, we are sorry about this.

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An Update

Hello Sopiets!

Well, Christmas is well and truly over, hope you all enjoyed that period and the start of 2012. Alex and I have been working hard on new things Sopio wise, we’ve even teased a few things on our respective twitters and the Sopio facebook page, just for fun!

Hopefully all orders from the December period have arrived now, but if you have any issues – ranging from missing items to no items at all then email sopio2010@gmail.com and we will sort it, its the best way, honestly 🙂

Right, well, thats Sopio!

p.s. Alex’s twitter is @thatalexday – Danny’s is @themanofdann if you want teasy updates everynow and then 🙂


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Check out that Store page!

After the success of the Deck 3 prerelease event we have now put Deck 3 online for the everyone 🙂

There are also some other suprises in the store so check it out 😀


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Deck 3 Prerelease Event!

A wild Deck 3 has appeared!

Danny and I have spent quite some time working on this – Sopio Deck 3 is gonna be available soon and we think/hope you’re gonna love it. It’ll be on the website for sale before December, but if you wanna get it and play it before anyone else, you should come to our pre-release tournament in London!

The tournament is taking place on November 12th and will be held at:

St Nicholas Church Centre
Ettrick Street
Tower Hamlets
E14 0PT
Nearest train station: Canning Town
Nearest bus route: 309, stops right outside the venue

There are 120 tickets and the tournament will run from 11AM to 6PM. All decks and boosters – including, for the first time, Deck 3 – will be for sale at the event.

Tickets for entry cost just £5. Print out your PayPal receipt as that will be your entry. I hope to see you there! 🙂

**sold out** ( sorry 😦 )

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Whats that?

The rankings for all the tournaments are available by clicking on this overly long sentence and also up there ^ where it says Tournament Rankings?

Thanks everyone for coming, stay tuned for more exciting news very soon 😀


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Sopio Tournaments

Hello UK Sopiets (is that still a thing?) –

This month and next, we are holding FOUR Official Sopio Super League Championship Tournaments across the UK! Alex and I will be selling decks and boosters, everyone will play lots of Sopio and the winner of each tournament will get a certificate and A SOPIO CRYSTAL. Yeah man, this just got real.

Tournament entry is £5 for each event but places are limited, so book your spot online and bring your PayPal receipt with you:

Edinburgh – Saturday, October 8th:
Eric Liddell Centre
15 Morningside Road
EH10 4DP


90-capacity, starts at 12PM, ending no later than 4:30 PM
Nearest train station: Haymarket Rail (or number 16 bus)



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Deck 2 and more

As you have probably seen, Deck 2 is now available for pre-order over in the Store as well as the Seven Dwarves Booster created by Charlie.

But what’s next for Sopio? Well, we want to know what you would like. Please vote below 🙂

~ Danny

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VidCon, Bundles & More!


So, it’s July 12th and Chameleon Circuit’s album ‘Still Got Legs’ is out. It sounds fantastic, and you can hear it here. Of course the album can still be purchased over at DFTBA and the commemorative Sopio cards are still available. Speaking of the cards, we originally limited the bundles to the pre-order period of Still Got Legs, but they have proved so popular we discussed it and decided to continue the offer until the Boosters are sold out.

The end of 2011 is going to be big for Sopio; as mentioned before we are launching Deck 2 at VidCon (as well as selling Deck 1 and the Chameleon Circuit Booster). It’s done now and plays fantastically. Hopefully you will all agree, Alex and I can’t stop playing it. We are also hoping to move ahead with some official tournaments at the latter end of the summer so keep an eye on this blog for more information on that, alternatively you can like Sopio on facebook and that will also keep you updated on all of this and loads of other small treats we hope to have for you!

~ Danny

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Chameleon Circuit booster!


This is the first Sopio booster pack we have ever released. It’s nine cards, each of them corresponding with a track off the new Chameleon Circuit album, and it’s available to order right now for £3.50, same as any standard booster pack you get in shops. I’m quite proud of how cheap we’ve been able to make this. It’s limited edition so when they sell out they’ll never exist again, and they have little special splashes of colour!

If you’ve never picked up Deck 1 before you can also get both for £10 in the store. Go now! Do it! Now, do it! Do it now!



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Working on Deck 2

Matching two words is my favourite way to create a Sopio card. In the past it gave us Pegasaurus, Crystal Bowling Ball, Deaf Ray and Terrorwrists (among others). Danny and I were watching Scream 3 the other night, and there was a scene in which one of the characters (while listing the bad films they had acted in) said the word “Amazombies”. Danny and I looked each other and, at the same time, both cried “AMAZOMBIES!” with glee on our faces. I’m sure Danny already had the card drawn in his head within seconds of hearing the name. xD

Unfortunately, card names don’t always just fall into our laps from bad 90’s movies. Danny and I have spent a lot of time working on Deck 2 lately, so we’ve been thinking of fun ways to combine words with good pictures as well as building a deck that feels strategically different to the first, and that’s been a lot of work. Deck 2 has more positive cards, for example, so it’s more of a race to the finish than everyone meandering at the same place, but not with so many positive cards that it makes it too easy to win. To balance it, we have cards that reward negative points. And we need to make sure that Deck 2 is a standalone functional deck, not an expansion to the first: people can buy either deck independently of the other and still have playable (albeit slightly different) gaming experiences. Anyway, I’m sure I’ve said too much and Danny’s gonna kill me, but the gist of it is we’re working on things and taking in people’s feedback.

To talk briefly about time scales – we said in our video that we wanted the next deck to take less than three years, and so far we’re sticking to that, which is nice. Deck 2 will, in fact, be available for purchase for the first time at VidCon 2011 in July, where Danny will be running a Sopio booth. The deck will then become available on this website in August for online ordering. So that’s where we’re at 🙂


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