Sopio is a fast-paced, pun filled card game with a simple aim – reach 1000 points.

As simple as this sounds, it’s harder to achieve when players are bringing you down with negative points cards, discarding your hand, making you skip turns and also trying to get to +1000 themselves!

You only need one deck to play with 2-6 people, and all the cards are stickart and puns.

Sopio was invented in 2010 by cousins Alex and Danny after an attempt to find a balance between the strategy of games such as Yu-Gi-Oh and the single deck simplicity of Uno, it has gone on to spawn 8 different decks (each with their own play style and theme that can be combined to create giant Sopio decks) a variety of small booster packs, a spin off game and a few mobile apps.

Sopio has sold over 100,000 units worldwide and was nominated for Best Card Game and Best Expansion awards at UK Games Expo.

You can download a sample Sopio deckĀ here, to give you a taster of the game, and watch the video below on how to play Sopio:

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