We are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever kickstarter for the best version of Sopio we have ever made.

Sopio Legacy is a customisable experience with over 200 cards, a campaign and missions to unlock new cards as you play, stickers to change cards, options to destroy cards and much more.
The feedback we have had during testing has been incredible and we are really excited to get this game made and in your hands. If you’ve played any version of Sopio, from Deck 1 to Deck 8, you will love this game.

So please, watch the pitch video, share with your friends, and click:
back this project!

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2018: Legacy

Alex and I are currently working on some exciting new products for 2018 – including a new Sopio concept!

Never fear though, previous decks can be purchased from the store link (it’s up there, look, just up, there ya go) but be warned, we are running out of some decks fast!

Also, if your gift is for a Secret Santa and has a specific deadline, please let us know after your order by emailing us – – otherwise as always, we will still post things out as fast as we can.


~ Danny

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New Amazon listings

We now have Sopio Infinity, King of Sopio and the Phase 3 Giftbox available on Amazon.

So, if that is how you prefer to shop (or you’ve accidentally taught Alexa the latin for penis) you can enjoy all our new(ish) products right away!

Also, as always, we will be at UK Games Expo in 2017. See you there.


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Sopio turns 5 today and that, frankly, is awesome.

That’s 5 years of stickmen, points and puns being played across the world. Let that sink in – because we haven’t been able to yet!

But seriously, for all the tournaments, expansions, apps and more that have sprung out of Sopio, it could never have been done without support from others


~ Alex + Danny



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King of Sopio!

Sopio is well and truly an app juggernaught now with our latest release, a brand new game using cards from Decks 1-4 with the amazingness of MULTIPLAYER.

Designed in conjunction with Lightwood Games, King of Sopio is a PvP game where you aim to get a collective pile to +1000 before your opponent using skill, luck and maths.

Sounds great? We haven’t even got to the best part. It is FREE. That’s right, totally free (unless you want to pay, we won’t stop that) and on both iOS and Android.

We are very excited about this game, and hope you will join us in making it one of the best apps out there.

~Danny + Alex

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Digital Birthday

Sopio is delighted to announce that on the date of its fourth birthday, it is finally going digital. That’s right, the points and puns card game, is now available as an app for iPhone and iPad.

Download it now on iOS!

There are 18 different computer opponents to beat, boosters to unlock and things to tap. You can now play Sopio anywhere – even if you don’t have any friends!

There is a tutorial mode to help you understand the rules, or you can just continue to appreciate the beautiful hand-drawn card art (actual words said to me ~Danny)  The stick art is both fantastic and all HD on those Retina Displays.

The app includes all the cards from Sopio Deck 1, and the Chameleon Circuit / Nerdfighter booster packs.  The boosters can be added by unlocking achievements, of course, the impatient can remove this requirement to play with an in app purchase.

Sopio was designed in partnership with Lightwood, whose catalogue includes Foursies, Word Search 10K and Lifescouts.

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**New** Sopio Decks 6+7

Sopio is excited to introduce two new themed decks of their points-and-puns card game: Sopio At War and Sopio Mutated.

Each of the two decks contain nearly 70 never-before-seen cards, including two blank cards for gamers to create customised designs of their own. The combination of points-based cards and table-turning effects will be familiar to anyone who’s played the game, and the unique stick-art style and silly sense of humour is in full force: Sopio At War runs with a strong army theme, introducing cards such as Foot Soldier, Banana Bomb and Farmergeddon, while Sopio Mutated places the focus on strange monsters like Sheepiraffe, Cat Kong and Dogzilla.

Both decks stand on their own as an accessible product for first-time players, as well as providing new mechanics and challenges for Sopio veterans, as usual they can be mixed with existing decks for maximum Sopioness. The decks are available NOW on or at

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