Print & Play

You can now print and play our older Sopio decks / booster bundle packs for £2

It’s a simple process, choose from the list below, purchase the item, and you will be emailed a pdf file of the deck. Download it, print it, cut and then play it!

Each pdf file contains an instructions page, 8 pages of Sopio cards, and then the card back page. Enjoy.

Deck 1: Beginners Luck 

Deck 2: Heroes & Monsters 

Deck 3: Girls Rule 

Deck 4: Twisted Carnival 

Booster Bundle: Set 1 

Deck 5: Space 

Deck 6: War 

Deck 7: Mutated 

Booster Bundle: Set 2 

Sopio Hand

And don’t forget, here are the rules of Sopio:

To win: get to 1000 points!

·During your turn: draw from the deck until your hand has five cards. Then play ONE card on any player – you or someone else.

·If a card is played on you: points cards go in your personal points pile to keep score. If the card has other instructions, do what they say. Cards without points go in a central discard pile once played.

·If the deck runs out of cards, keep playing until all hands are empty and the player with the most points wins.

If you have any questions. send an email to

All Sopio images, names, logos, etc are copyrighted to Danny Hooper and Alex Day