Envelope 8

Your journey is nearly at its end. One of you stands above the others.
It is time to discover which of you will become the God of Sopio.

You will play ONE LAST GAME.

Each player now needs 2500 points to win, minus 100 points for every game they have won already. Work out your goal now and tell everyone (your new goal cannot fall below 1000.)

The winner of THIS game will win Sopio Legacy.

NOTE: You are not eligible to win if you have not destroyed your companion card. You have one final chance now to do so and become eligible.

Shuffle Blitzen, the three other super-Sopio cards and the new action cards into the deck. Super-Sopio cards play as normal.

Enjoy your final game of Sopio Legacy. Then, open the winner’s packet.


Winners Packet

If you have any questions about Sopio Legacy, please send an email to sopio2010@gmail.com