Sopio Legacy

Sopio Legacy is a create-your-own party game with unlockable cards, missions and more.

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Sopio Legacy is designed to be played with the same small group of 3-5 people, though it can be played with slightly more / less. (And if you need to get new friends along the way, you can probably make that work too.)

Have you played Sopio before? It doesn’t matter, it’s really simple. Here is a (re)fresh of the rules:

    • To win: get to 1000 points!
    • During your turn: draw from the deck until your hand has five cards. Then play ONE card on any player – you or someone else.
    • If a card is played on you: points cards go in your personal points pile to keep score. If the card has other instructions, do what they say. Cards without points go in a central discard pile once played.
    • If the deck runs out of cards: keep playing until all hands are empty and the player with the most points wins.

Click below to see each envelopes rules and contents (spoilers)

Envelope 1 Envelope 2 Envelope 3 Envelope 4
Envelope 5 Envelope 6 Envelope 7 Envelope 8

If you have any questions about Sopio Legacy, please send an email to

Decks 1-7 are available to Print & Play