Envelope 6

It’s time for action!

This packet contains ‘action cards’. Shuffle these into the deck. When they are drawn, they must immediately be played.

When an action card is played, any player may choose to discard a positive points card from their points pile to destroy the card instead.

If the action card resolves, the player who drew the card then continues to play their turn as usual (but does not draw more cards).

NOTE: If an action card would result in a player instantly winning the game, that card is destroyed. If you draw an action card in your opening hand, discard it and draw a new card. If the target of an action card is a tie between players, all those players are affected.

New rules: Choose one sticker from ‘also the rules B’ and one sticker from ‘also the rules C’. Stick these underneath ‘Also the rules’ in the rules booklet.


If you have any questions about Sopio Legacy, please send an email to sopio2010@gmail.com