Envelope 1

Rules Booklet


There are two sticker sheets included in envelope 1: one with a bunch of point values, and one with a bunch of different effects. These are used for end-game upgrades. So at the end of each game, leave everything where it is!

The winner may then do any/all of the following:

  • Add / Change an effect of one card in their points pile
  • Modify one card in their points pile by +/-50 points (if that sticker is available)

Any other players who finish with a positive points pile (50+) can do the following:

  • Modify one card in their points pile by +/-50 points (if that sticker is available)

Any player who has upgraded a card may choose to have one in their hand for the start of the next game.

NOTE: A card can’t be modified more than once in the same end-game.

If a card has a green lock symbol 🔒 , it means this card can’t be modified by end-game upgrades.

Mission Cards

Missions can be completed during any game (so keep them near the game where everyone can see them) and they help unlock the corresponding coloured packets. When you complete a mission, put a 😄 sticker on the matching packet and destroy the mission card.

Once you have completed all the missions for a packet – open the corresponding packet at the end of that game! Simple.

NOTE: When we say destroy, we mean destroy. Tear it up, eat it, sacrifice it to the god of luck – however you choose to do it, that is up to you. There may be other times that you also need to destroy cards. Don’t worry, the cards will tell you when/how.

Game Tracker

On the back of the ‘rules’ booklet is the game tracker for the Sopio Legacy campaign. Very simply, just write down who wins each game into the corresponding box. This may be important later.

This tracker will also show you at what point you open numbered envelopes (for example, between game 4 and game 5).

Bipolar Bear Card

Find the Bipolar Bear, make sure all players are familiar with it and then shuffle it into the deck. Every time you use Bipolar Bear as a positive or negative card, mark on the card with a tick, tally mark or something else to keep track of which choice was made. This may be important later.

Red Packet Yellow Packet  Purple Packet

If you have any questions about Sopio Legacy, please send an email to sopio2010@gmail.com