Sopio Apps

King of Sopio

Get to 1000 points before your opponent in the ultimate stickman showdown.

– Multiplayer! Play your friends, and if you don’t have any – play strangers!
– Climb the leaderboard, win crowns, become the King Of Sopio!
– Use skill and luck to compete across multiple platforms!
– All our favourite cards from Sopio Decks 1-4

Download it for iOS + Android





Sopio Deck 1

Get to 1000 points to win before your opponents; play cards on yourself, play cards on them, play cards on no-one and just enjoy the pictures.

– Enjoy a game of Sopio against real computer opponents!
– Use Sunflower Men, Evil Spiders, Joyless Bears and more to ensure victory!
– Featuring Cards from Sopio Deck 1!

Unlock two booster packs and 18 unique opponents with either game skill or your money.

Download it for iOS

screen_2 screen_3 screen_4 screen_5





Sopio Scorer

Love Card games? Hate numbers? If you’re one of the many unfortunates that can’t add or subtract in multiples of fifty, you will no longer be laughed out of your weekly Sopio game!

– 100% free! Add, subtract, win, lose, laugh, cry
– Supports  tall screens, retina displays and wide fingertips
– Share your score on Facebook and Twitter. Print it our to stick it to your fridge.

Download it for iOS

Download it for Android

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for more information about any of our apps please contact us on or the developers directly at

19 Responses to Sopio Apps

  1. Well I plan to begin intense Sopio experiences with the help of this app. Back in my childhood Yugioh days we had to do math with far too many types of points. Now we can do no math with one point variation. Thanks.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Contemplating buying a deck of Sopio cards. My friend and I watch Alex and Charlies videos together and even wrote a song about them, but we’ve yet to try Sopio. ;P

  3. I played my first two games on Sunday, at the first Nerdfighter gathering in my current city. I am HOOKED! The second I can afford it, I’m getting all the decks!

  4. Lily says:

    Getting my first set of Sopio cards for Christmas (fingers crossed!) and definitely going to download the app.

  5. imnotjacquelinesilva says:

    Getting a deck as a late Christmas present! So excited!

  6. Henry says:

    Thank uuuu ur epic good app

  7. Lisa says:

    does anyone know about Sopio in Germany?
    I’m contemplating buying a deck, and I’d like to meet someone who already knows how to play the game.

  8. Marco Marotta says:

    WOOO!! I just purchased the Bundle Package on Monday. I’m so excited to start playing Sopio. I wish I could attend the tournament to get Deck 5 as well. Sadly I don’t live in England. 😦

  9. Marco Marotta says:

    Danny!!!! I got my deck in the mail today!! Played a few matches with a friend and gotta say I love it even more than I thought I would!! When is the counter app coming out for the latest Android OS? Would have been awesome if I had it for the couple of matches.

  10. JBooth says:

    Any chance that this will be on Windows phone soon? Or even as an app for Windows 8?

  11. Harvey Edwards says:

    I played my first 13 Games with my friend today, I love it!!!!! I really want a deck now!!

  12. Would you ever put it on Windows Phone, or maybe even make a Windows desktop/Windows 8 Store version?

  13. nattygaga says:

    when will the elements challenge app be in the uk iTunes store

  14. Zaniii says:

    I had the king of sopio app on my old phone then just bought a new one. Does anyone know if I can restore my account? (I like my username)

  15. Ari says:

    Sopio Is really fun. I played my friend, and the first time i played i won! I just ordered deck three

  16. Ari says:

    Also, what is the best sopio deck?

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