Check out that Store page!

After the success of the Deck 3 prerelease event we have now put Deck 3 online for the everyone 🙂

There are also some other suprises in the store so check it out 😀


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17 Responses to Check out that Store page!

  1. Noble Gas says:


  2. Ashley says:

    does it matter what deck you start out with?

  3. sarah cunningham says:

    how can you buy more then one item at once?

  4. Ashley Ayers says:

    Hi Danny!!! I have wanted Sopio for awhile now and I received TWO of the first deck for Christmas! I’d send it back for another deck but so far everyone I’ve played with loves the game and even my 6 year old brother can play! So I’ll spread the Sopio love with someone else who wants it. 🙂 Thank you to you and Alex for a brilliant game!

  5. jazz2941 says:

    if you buy more than one item atone will there be a discount?

  6. Julie says:

    its been more then 10 days, 16 to be exact and i still don’t have my cards 😦

  7. Hamish says:

    When will we be able to buy lots of items at once? I would buy more but i dont want to pay shipping for each one…

  8. Claire says:

    Hi I can’t find any way of contacting you other than on here, I ordered (and payed for) two Wrist “bands” (brilliant btw) but only received one. I don’t know who I should contact about this.
    Thank you 🙂 Claire xx

  9. Hamish says:

    Hey, I live in New zealand and i purchased deck three, deck one, and a booster pack three weeks ago. Deck three has arrived but not the others… Payment went through so im just wondering whats up?

  10. Lauren says:

    How long approximately do UK orders take to arrive?

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