VidCon / Deck 2 news

Hello all!

First, the bad news. Neither Alex nor I will be attending VidCon this year due to reasons beyond our control. As a result Sopio also won’t be there. It was great fun meeting you all last year and we will hopefully be there next year.

However, to make up for this we have good news! Last year we launched Deck 2 at VidCon and recently we did a poll on our Facebook page where you voted Deck 2 your favourite. As a result there is 10% off all Deck 2 items – the Deck, the Bundle and the Silly Cone Valley shirt – until the end of the month!

We also launched this cool full-colour Elements Poster and are doing it at a pre-order price of £6.

So, we can’t make it to America, but we make a pretty good apology sale!


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2 Responses to VidCon / Deck 2 news

  1. What is that figure in the bottom left hand side of the elemental poster?

  2. Sopio says:

    The Element: Master – it’s on the shirt and in the booster pack 🙂

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