**New** Sopio Decks 6+7

Sopio is excited to introduce two new themed decks of their points-and-puns card game: Sopio At War and Sopio Mutated.

Each of the two decks contain nearly 70 never-before-seen cards, including two blank cards for gamers to create customised designs of their own. The combination of points-based cards and table-turning effects will be familiar to anyone who’s played the game, and the unique stick-art style and silly sense of humour is in full force: Sopio At War runs with a strong army theme, introducing cards such as Foot Soldier, Banana Bomb and Farmergeddon, while Sopio Mutated places the focus on strange monsters like Sheepiraffe, Cat Kong and Dogzilla.

Both decks stand on their own as an accessible product for first-time players, as well as providing new mechanics and challenges for Sopio veterans, as usual they can be mixed with existing decks for maximum Sopioness. The decks are available NOW on Amazon.co.uk or at sopiocards.com/store

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