King of Sopio!

Sopio is well and truly an app juggernaught now with our latest release, a brand new game using cards from Decks 1-4 with the amazingness of MULTIPLAYER.

Designed in conjunction with Lightwood Games, King of Sopio is a PvP game where you aim to get a collective pile to +1000 before your opponent using skill, luck and maths.

Sounds great? We haven’t even got to the best part. It is FREE. That’s right, totally free (unless you want to pay, we won’t stop that) and on both iOS and Android.

We are very excited about this game, and hope you will join us in making it one of the best apps out there.

~Danny + Alex

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3 Responses to King of Sopio!

  1. Tauimo says:

    Great game! Glad you made it so when people disconnect before a loss I still get my win.

  2. Spyro says:

    Great app!

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