LONDON, ENGLAND (January 28th, 2011) – Get ready, key demographic age 13-24! The global phenomenon Sopio is dialling up and faxing in, bringing all of your favourite cards with it. With undisclosed numbers of cards being created and sold, SOPIO (CCG) is officially the newest trading card game of all time!

Thousands of future Sopio players will rejoice at finally being able to order the SOPIO STARTER DECK anywhere in the world by using the “internet” online shop system! Pay online and you will receive genuine 1st Edition Sopio cards delivered to your home or office! All of your favourite cards, like Man With A Giant Head and Sunflower Man, will return in this pre-built Deck designed for newcomers and veterans alike. And with strategies like late-game Party Mode, the Prism Effect turnaround and the Junkyard Dave card extender all appearing in the Deck, there’s something for everyone!

Even more, two blank cards have been included so you can create your own SOPIO cards to include in the Deck! Customisation is now easier than ever! You’re welcome, cyberspace!

The SOPIO STARTER 72-card Deck is available NOW and contains:
•68 Game Cards
•2 Blank Cards
•1 “The Rules” card
•1 “Not The Rules” card

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