Working on Deck 2

Matching two words is my favourite way to create a Sopio card. In the past it gave us Pegasaurus, Crystal Bowling Ball, Deaf Ray and Terrorwrists (among others). Danny and I were watching Scream 3 the other night, and there was a scene in which one of the characters (while listing the bad films they had acted in) said the word “Amazombies”. Danny and I looked each other and, at the same time, both cried “AMAZOMBIES!” with glee on our faces. I’m sure Danny already had the card drawn in his head within seconds of hearing the name. xD

Unfortunately, card names don’t always just fall into our laps from bad 90’s movies. Danny and I have spent a lot of time working on Deck 2 lately, so we’ve been thinking of fun ways to combine words with good pictures as well as building a deck that feels strategically different to the first, and that’s been a lot of work. Deck 2 has more positive cards, for example, so it’s more of a race to the finish than everyone meandering at the same place, but not with so many positive cards that it makes it too easy to win. To balance it, we have cards that reward negative points. And we need to make sure that Deck 2 is a standalone functional deck, not an expansion to the first: people can buy either deck independently of the other and still have playable (albeit slightly different) gaming experiences. Anyway, I’m sure I’ve said too much and Danny’s gonna kill me, but the gist of it is we’re working on things and taking in people’s feedback.

To talk briefly about time scales – we said in our video that we wanted the next deck to take less than three years, and so far we’re sticking to that, which is nice. Deck 2 will, in fact, be available for purchase for the first time at VidCon 2011 in July, where Danny will be running a Sopio booth. The deck will then become available on this website in August for online ordering. So that’s where we’re at 🙂


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12 Responses to Working on Deck 2

  1. Bob Parker says:

    Are you guys going to produce any more blank cards?
    They make the game more epic than it already is.
    And does this mean that there be any blank cards with the new deck?
    If not, will you sell them separately?

  2. Bethany says:

    I’m curious as to if once the 2nd deck comes out if therell be a bundle with deck one and two.

  3. Jamie McG says:

    I’m intrigued to whether this deck can be combined with the started deck, in order to make a much larger and longer lasting deck.

  4. Joel says:

    needs to be someway to tell the different decks apart like different colour on the back of the cards , so i don’t accidentally mix them together. that’s the sorta silly thing id do

  5. Toby Tree says:

    Yeah, keep the same design on the back and have more blank cards. This has already been said but…I just….wanted to say it again. I love Sopio! (the card game)

  6. Sarah says:

    Are you going to release the Doctor Who themed cards I’ve seen on your blog?

  7. Charly says:

    I agree, more blank cards, we made an evil smurf themed card and a blind date themed one, It adds to the evil of the game if you are inclined to play it in such a way, which always seems to be the case.
    I love Sopio, keep up the good work

  8. Marit says:

    I’ve taken my Sopio deck all overt the place, and I love it 🙂
    We made a Giant Squid of Anger card (miss two turns) and a Party Crasher Mode (combine Henchmen and Party Mode, so that you play someone else’s whole hand during their turn) – blank cards are awesome 😛 Can’t wait for another deck, though 😀

  9. Tash says:

    Sopio is my favorite game…here is a card idea, my cousins and I always hate people that were sandals with socks so we made a card…sandals with socks -350…we drew a gross hairy leg wearing sandals with socks. Just an idea

  10. theredwasabi says:

    I’ve got an idea to suggest. I noticed how you say that combining words helps to make new cards, and a while back the words ‘sconehenge’ and ‘waterlemon’ popped up in my head and it just sorta stayed there. So you can take that and make cards with it. It’d make me happy 😀

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