Chameleon Circuit booster!


This is the first Sopio booster pack we have ever released. It’s nine cards, each of them corresponding with a track off the new Chameleon Circuit album, and it’s available to order right now for £3.50, same as any standard booster pack you get in shops. I’m quite proud of how cheap we’ve been able to make this. It’s limited edition so when they sell out they’ll never exist again, and they have little special splashes of colour!

If you’ve never picked up Deck 1 before you can also get both for £10 in the store. Go now! Do it! Now, do it! Do it now!



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3 Responses to Chameleon Circuit booster!

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  2. Miriam says:

    I will try and play that when I can nick the cards off my friend Caitlin.
    We came up with another thing you can do with the cards though – kill writers block. Get a friend to pull three out. “Okay, so you’ve got a jaggler, divine intervention and the sound of drums.” Write a sentence / paragraph / short story containing all of those things.
    It can be pretty funny.
    I’m thinking of doing a video about it soon.

  3. tcheu says:

    You can also play as if you were two different people (schizofrenia, lalala :). The only difficult part is when you want to play the “rock-paper-scissors” card :p
    Aaaanyway, I’m feeling forever alone, now. The problem is, I am French, and nobody know you Nerimon, or your amazing cards here -_-
    This just gave me an idea. I’m gonna make a French forum about you, chameleon Circuit, Sopio, etc.

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