Deck 2 and more

As you have probably seen, Deck 2 is now available for pre-order over in the Store as well as the Seven Dwarves Booster created by Charlie.

But what’s next for Sopio? Well, we want to know what you would like. Please vote below 🙂

~ Danny

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16 Responses to Deck 2 and more

  1. AlleyCat says:

    I’d quite like to choose more than one thing.
    I’d also like more blank cards released as a pack or released as a certain amount per single blank card.

  2. Natalie says:

    i liked the idea of the chameleon circuit pack what if the whole chameleon circuit band made cards based on the actors and monsters of Doctor Who!!! XD

  3. I would like to choose wristbands deck boxes and t-shirts I would buy all three if they were made also packs of blank cardz would be nice too I also think you should make an application for the website so people can create cards on the internet and have the chance for them to be used in the real packs that get made in the future

  4. Wristbands that can be used as boosters in certain situations!

  5. Vvarden says:

    I agree, there is more than one thing that I would choose.
    More boosters would be awesome. And it would be cool to be able to keep my cards nice and safe in a shiny new deck box 🙂
    Also t-shirts with designs based on cards like tinysaurs or you rock are definitely something I would buy.

  6. Georgie says:

    Wristbands, would be awesome, as would a sopio card box of some kind, although that maybe a problem as people don’t have the same number of decks, would you create boxes for just each deck, or supply with new decks? it’s a good idea because which ever card is on top always gets dirty in my bag which is annoying.
    T-shirts would be awesome, choose your own design from your favourite card, “Not that kind of bust” would be just awesome, best card!

  7. Bansri says:

    The cards are all really funny, I can see plenty of them making good tshirts, If you could find a way of translating that humour onto wristbands, I think they would also sell really well.

  8. Isabella says:

    I would love to see wristbands and posters 🙂 love sopio and I am planning all of my friends a deck at Xmas / birthdays xo

  9. whatisaspacebar says:

    Posters & T-shirts would be great! 😀
    Especially if the designs of cards were on them, ratehr than just the Sopio logo 🙂

  10. Carabee53 says:

    I would love any new stuff, wristbands are a personal choice xx

  11. All of them. And blank card packs. 🙂

  12. Benji Skelly says:

    I’d love to see more boosters, deck boxes and definitely a 100 card booster pack at some point. 😛 Anything that adds to the playability of the game is a plus for me.
    Wristbands would be cool too, but just mainly boosters for me.

  13. CF says:

    I’d Love to have a sopio Iphone app so I can play sopio with more people when nobody is around to play with!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jonny says:

    Deck Boxes, Boosters, Official Sleeves would look nice.
    Special edition cards with white backs or something would be fun.
    ELEMENTS T-SHIRT!! You’re killing us here!

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