VidCon, Bundles & More!


So, it’s July 12th and Chameleon Circuit’s album ‘Still Got Legs’ is out. It sounds fantastic, and you can hear it here. Of course the album can still be purchased over at DFTBA and the commemorative Sopio cards are still available. Speaking of the cards, we originally limited the bundles to the pre-order period of Still Got Legs, but they have proved so popular we discussed it and decided to continue the offer until the Boosters are sold out.

The end of 2011 is going to be big for Sopio; as mentioned before we are launching Deck 2 at VidCon (as well as selling Deck 1 and the Chameleon Circuit Booster). It’s done now and plays fantastically. Hopefully you will all agree, Alex and I can’t stop playing it. We are also hoping to move ahead with some official tournaments at the latter end of the summer so keep an eye on this blog for more information on that, alternatively you can like Sopio on facebook and that will also keep you updated on all of this and loads of other small treats we hope to have for you!

~ Danny

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2 Responses to VidCon, Bundles & More!

  1. I just downloaded my digital copy of Still Got Legs, and I want to say it is by far my favorite album that has ever come out of any of the individuals in the group! EdPlant’s influence in the group is noticable, and I love it! YOU GUYS ARE SOO GOOD! Sound of Drums is my favorite! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY TSHIRT!

  2. Lewis says:

    I will come to tournaments if they happen around the same time as gatherings, like SitC.
    What will the prizes be? Exclusive Sopio cards nobody else has?

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