Ahoy Sopiets!

Today we bring you news from both sides of the ocean. Specifically, the Atlantic one. Firstly, as seen in the Vlogbrother’s videos – we have released a new booster pack featuring cards such as Hanklerfish and Giraffe Love. We just want to thank all of you who emailed in or approached us to suggest this pack. It was definitely a popular idea amongst Sopio fans.

At the same time, we also quietly released the Chess booster, bringing the strategy of chess into the chaos of Sopio was a challenge, but we think we managed it and we are quite proud of all the cards.

The Vlogbrother and Chess packs are available now in the store, you can buy them alone or with Deck 1 and Deck 3 respectively as alternative bundles. You can also get them as part of our ‘Gift Set’ which is all the Decks/Boosters and a wristband – which we are selling at just £40 for the next week!

Another popular new release are Deck Boxes. It’s always great to release something people have asked us constantly for! They hold 81 cards; 1 deck and 1 booster and can be used for all the Decks J

Now, back to London. Sopio is proud to announce that they are one of the sponsors of this years Summer in the City – and will take control of the Games Room on the Friday & Saturday. There will be tables set up and cards available for you to just sit down and play Decks 1-4 against all of your friends. Alex sadly won’t be there but Danny will, and he will have some little winner certificates if you want to have a little tournament between you and your friends.

So if you have never had a chance to play any of the Sopio decks, or you want to make new friends at SitC – this is a perfect way to do both! Decks, Boosters, Wristbands and the new Deck Boxes will all be for sale at the merch stands too. If you have any questions just head over to the Sopio Cards Facebook page or email us 🙂

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2 Responses to Announcements!

  1. Freddie Firth says:

    Awesome! See you at SitC, Danny!

  2. Kain says:

    Id love one a meet up in Lincoln! Anyone from there or who has been there know that barely anything happens there! A gathering would be the coolest thing since Tom Hanks came to film the davinci code 😛

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