MCMing it up


So at the of October Sopio will attending the MCM Expo in London. We will have a booth with everything there – Decks, Boosters, Shirts etc – and we will even have the Sopio creators Danny and Alex! Woo!

If you want any more information about tickets and that just click here –

Sopio will be at booth J3 so hopefully we shall see you all there!
~Team Sopio

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6 Responses to MCMing it up

  1. Katy sansum says:

    If I don’t meet you guys I will cry I am so glad I’m going xxx

  2. emmahollingsworthma says:

    you make me hate living in America.

  3. tcheu says:

    will you be there the 3 days?

  4. Jamie Lawton says:

    if came would u sign my sopio cards

  5. Jasmine says:

    Guys:( I landed in London at 3pm and rushed to MCM just to see you guys. I searched the place for 2 hours, especially the J booths where you were supposed to be, I asked soo many people, but no Danny, and no Alex. Shame 😦

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